Saturday, November 12, 2011

You like-uh shiny shoes?

Taking a step back in time today. This is from my old website on geocities I started in the year 2000. This story always makes me chuckle. It was such a surreal experience, I still remember it very clearly! Here ya go:
August 30. 2002

Yesterday I went to the Salvation Army in the International District to look for furniture for my new apartment. Whilst browsing the knick-knack section, an old Asian man approximately 75 yrs old approached me and started pointing at my foot and saying "I like-uh I like-uh." I had a lot going on in my ankle region, so I wasn't sure if he was referring to my china doll shoes, the tattoo on my foot, or the embroidery on my pants. I just politely said "thank you." He continued nodding his head, smiling and saying "I like-uh I like-uh" repeatedly. His accent was so thick I could barely decipher a word he was saying. Here's how the conversation went:

Old Asian man: "Where you get?"
Dali Pardon: "The shoes? Oh, I got them at Shiga imports."
Old Asian man starts pointing right at my tattoo.
Dali Pardon: "Oh, I see. You meant my tattoo. A friend of mine did that."
Old Asian Man: "Vehy vehy nice-uh, vehy nice-uh, I like-uh. You get here?"
Dali Pardon: "Yes, I had it done here."
Old Asian Man: "You from Seattle?"
Dali Pardon: "No."
Old Asian Man: "Where you from?"
Dali Pardon: "California."
Old Asian Man: "Vehy Vehy nice-uh."
At this point I'm walking towards the women's clothing section hoping Old Asian Man will not follow. Old Asian Man follows and stops me.
Old Asian Man: "You like-uh shiny shoes?"
Dali Pardon: "Shiny shoes?"
Old Asian Man: "No. Shhhiny shoes."
Dali Pardon: "Huh?"
Old Asian Man starts motioning like he's eating from a bowl of rice.
Dali Pardon: "Oh! Chinese food? Yeah, I like Chinese Food."
Old Asian Man: "You like-uh get uh bite-uh eat now? Real good shiny shoe round corner. You like-uh join me?"
Dali Pardon: "No thanks, I just ate lunch. Thanks for asking though."
Old Asian Man: "Real nice shiny bah-buh-q. Real good chicken. Sure you not hungry?"
Dali Pardon: "Really, I'm not hungry. I just ate lunch. I'm so full, I couldn't possibly...."
Old Asian Man: "You sure?"
Dali Pardon: "Yes."
Old Asian Man: "Real good chicken."
Dali Pardon: "Err...umm... no thanks."
Old Asian man: "You really not hungry?"
Dali Pardon: "No."
Old Asian Man: "Why don't you gimme your number me give you a call sometime me take you out for bite to eat when you hungry sometime?"
Dali Pardon: "That's awfully nice of you to ask but no thanks."
At this point I made a break for it and ran into the clothing section with the tall clothing racks. I seriously looked around for a minute expecting someone from Candid Camera to pop out of nowhere and surprise me. But no one did...

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